1-44-1      Department continued.
1-44-2      Secretary as head of department.
1-44-3      Agencies constituting department.
1-44-4      Transportation Commission created--Appointment and qualifications of members.
1-44-5      Geographic areas represented on Transportation Commission.
1-44-6      Terms of office of commission members--Vacancies.
1-44-7      Officers of Transportation Commission--Functions--Meetings.
1-44-7.1      Repealed.
1-44-7.2      Repealed.
1-44-7.3      Rules for disbursement of public transportation assistance.
1-44-7.4      Rules for intercity bus service assistance.
1-44-7.5      Promulgation of rules regarding county highway and bridge improvement plans.
1-44-8      Transportation Commission authority over allocation of construction funds.
1-44-9, 1-44-10. Repealed.
1-44-11      Performance of functions of Aeronautics Commission.
1-44-12      Repealed.
1-44-13 to 1-44-14.1. Repealed.
1-44-15      Transferred.
1-44-16      Contracts for tourism promotion programs.
1-44-17      Repealed.
1-44-18      Duties of department as to railroads.
1-44-19      Repealed.
1-44-20      Powers of department as to railroads.
1-44-21      Legislative approval prerequisite to purchase or contract to purchase railroad rolling stock.
1-44-22      Department may accept and spend funds.
1-44-23      Repealed.
1-44-24      Liberal construction of department's authority.
1-44-25      South Dakota State Railroad Board--Appointment--Terms--Vacancy--Officers--Removal.
1-44-26      Railroad Board--Qualifications of members.
1-44-27      Approval by Railroad Board of department activities.
1-44-28      Management of state railroad property--Notice of sale--Option to lessee or abutting owner--Right of use by utility.
1-44-29      Records of railroad property management.
1-44-30      Rules for management of property.
1-44-31      Railroads administration fund--Creation--Services--Expenditure.
1-44-32      Funds subject to state budget provisions.
1-44-33      Repealed.
1-44-34      Repealed.
1-44-35      Repealed.
1-44-36      Use of recovered material by Department of Transportation.