1-6-1      State seal adopted--Requirements for reproductions--Violations.
1-6-2      Design of seal and coat of arms.
1-6-2.1      Use of seal by state agency.
1-6-3      Preservation of original seal.
1-6-3.1      Use of seal or facsimile without authorization prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
1-6-3.2      Sale of seal facsimile without authorization prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
1-6-3.3      Royalty for use of seal--Educational purposes excepted.
1-6-3.4      Repealed.
1-6-4      State flag--Description.
1-6-4.1      Official pledge to state flag--Not recited before pledge to United States flag.
1-6-5      Existing flags remain official.
1-6-6      Sale and loan of state flags--Revolving account.
1-6-6.1      Omitted.
1-6-7      State song.
1-6-8      State animal.
1-6-9      State bird.
1-6-10      State floral emblem.
1-6-11      State tree.
1-6-12      State mineral stone and gemstone.
1-6-13      State grass.
1-6-14      State insect.
1-6-15      State fish.
1-6-15.1      State Fishing Museum.
1-6-16      State drink.
1-6-16.1      State fossil.
1-6-16.2      State jewelry.
1-6-16.3      State musical instrument.
1-6-16.4      State soil.
1-6-16.5      State nickname.
1-6-16.6      State Hall of Fame.
1-6-16.7      State dessert.
1-6-16.8      State sport .
1-6-16.9      State bread.
1-6-16.10      State nosh.
1-6-17      Minting and promotion of commemorative medallions, bullion pieces and jewelry--Metals produced out-of-state--Commemorative medallion jewelry.
1-6-18      Use of seal, commemorative medallion design or bullion piece design--Fee.
1-6-19      Distribution, marketing and sales of bullion pieces, commemorative medallions and commemorative medallion jewelry--Manufacture of jewelry for gifts.
1-6-20      Composition of medallions, bullion, and commemorative medallion jewelry.
1-6-21      Production of medallions, bullion, or commemorative medallion jewelry by contracting mints--Violation as misdemeanor.
1-6-22      Annual contests or other arrangements for design of medallions or bullion pieces--Prize--Copyright--Eligibility.
1-6-23      Repealed.
1-6-23.1      Repealed.
1-6-24 to 1-6-28. Repealed.

1-6-29      State mining museum.
1-6-30      State Civilian Conservation Corps Museum.