01.     General Provisions And State Board
02.     Dates And Hours Of Elections
03.     Suffrage And Right To Vote
04.     Registration Of Voters
05.     Political Parties And Party Affairs
06.     Primary Elections
06A.     Presidential Preference Primaries [Repealed]
07.     Nomination Of Independent Candidates
08.     Certification Of Nominations
09.     Judicial Nominations And Elections
10.     Nomination And Election Of Educational Officers [Repealed]
11.     Special Congressional Elections
12.     Notice Of Elections
13.     Constitutional Amendments And Submitted Questions
14.     Precincts And Polling Places
15.     Precinct Election Officials
16.     Ballots And Election Supplies
17.     Voting Machines [Repealed]
17A.     Electronic Voting Systems [Repealed]
17B.     Automatic Tabulating Systems
18.     Arrangements And Conduct Of Voting
19.     Absentee Voting
19A.     Special Voting Rights [Repealed]
20.     Return And Canvass Of Votes
21.     Recounts
22.     Contests
23.     Elections In Unorganized Counties [Repealed]
24.     Presidential Electors
25.     Candidates' Financial Interest Statements.
25A.     State Ethics Commission [Repealed]
26.     Offenses Against The Elective Franchise
27.     Campaign Finance Requirements
28.     Government Accountability and Anti-Corruption [Repealed]