13-64-15 Immunity from liability.
     13-64-15.   Immunity from liability. No law enforcement officer or county sheriff, nor the Law Enforcement Officers Standards Commission, Division of Criminal Investigation, Office of Attorney General, the State of South Dakota, nor any agents, employees, or members thereof, is liable for any injury caused by, related to, or resulting from:
             (1)      The implementation of the school sentinel program established by this chapter;
             (2)      The adoption, promulgation, administration, or implementation of educational and training standards for school sentinels;
             (3)      The training provided by the Law Enforcement Officers Standards Commission, the Division of Criminal Investigation, the Office of Attorney General, or the state;
             (4)      The approvals required by the county sheriff under this chapter; or
             (5)      The performance, administration, or implementation of any services or programs that assist a school district in carrying out its duties under this chapter.

Source: SL 2013, ch 93, § 17.