01.     Definitions And General Provisions
02.     Limitation Of Actions Generally
02A.     Limitation Of Actions For Construction Deficiencies
03.     Adverse Possession And Limitation Of Actions To Recover Real Estate
04.     Abatement And Survival Of Actions
05.     Venue Of Actions
05A.     Interactive Audiovisual Device Use In Court Proceedings
06.     Rules Of Procedure In Circuit Courts
07.     Jurisdiction Of Persons
08.     Remedies On Joint Liability
09.     Commencement Of Actions And Service Of Process
10.     Lis Pendens Notice
11.     Circuit Court Calendar And Continuances
12.     Change Of Circuit Judge Or Magistrate
13.     Reference Of Cases
14.     Conduct Of Jury Trials
15.     Record And Exhibits
15A.     Unified Judicial System Court Records Rule
16.     Judgments
16A.     Enforcement Of Foreign Judgments
17.     Recovery Of Disbursements
18.     Execution Of Judgments
19.     Execution Sales
20.     Proceedings Supplementary To Execution
21.     Amercement Of Officers
22.     Arrest And Bail In Civil Cases [Repealed]
23.     Discharge From Imprisonment On Civil Process [Repealed]
24.     Supreme Court Procedure In General
24A.     Certification Of Questions Of Law To Supreme Court
25.     Original Proceedings In Supreme Court
26.     Procedure For Taking Appeal To Supreme Court [Repealed And Transferred]
26A.     Rules Of Civil Appellate Procedure
26B.     Appellate Settlement Conferences [Repealed]
26C.     Supreme Court Electronic Filing Rules
27.     Stay Of Execution On Appeal To Supreme Court [Repealed]
28.     Undertakings And Deposits On Appeal To Supreme Court [Repealed]
29.     Record And Briefs On Appeal To Supreme Court [Repealed And Transferred]
30.     Disposition Of Appeals To Supreme Court
31.     County Court Procedure [Repealed]
32.     Municipal Court Procedure [Repealed]
33.     General Powers And Process Of Justices' Courts [Repealed]
34.     Attachment And Garnishment In Justices' Courts [Repealed]
35.     Pleadings And Trial In Justices' Courts [Repealed]
36.     Judgments And Execution In Justices' Courts [Repealed]
37.     Records, Dockets And Accounting By Justices [Repealed]

38.     Appeals From Magistrate Court
39.     Small Claims Procedure