15-15A-3 Definition of terms.
     15-15A-3.   Definition of terms. (1) "Court record" includes any document, information, or other thing that is collected, received or maintained by a clerk of court in connection with a judicial proceeding. "Court record" does not include other records maintained by the public official who also serves as clerk of court or information gathered, maintained or stored by a governmental agency or other entity to which the court has access but which is not part of the court record as defined in this section.
             (2)      Information in a court record "in electronic form" includes information that exists as: (a) electronic representations of text or graphic documents; (b) an electronic image, including a video image, of a document, exhibit or other thing; or (c) data in the fields or files of an electronic database.
             (3)      "Public access" means that the public may inspect and obtain a copy of the information in a court record unless otherwise prohibited by statute, court rule or a decision by a court of competent jurisdiction. The public may have access to inspect information in a court file upon payment of applicable fees.
             (4)      "Remote access" means the ability to electronically search, inspect, or copy information in a court record without the need to physically visit the court facility where the court record is maintained.

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