16-18-2.2 Requirements for participation by law student.
     16-18-2.2.   Requirements for participation by law student. In order to make an appearance and to participate pursuant to §§ 16-18-2.1 to 16-18-2.10, inclusive, the law student must:
             (1)      Be duly enrolled in or a graduate of the school of law of the University of South Dakota or a law school approved by the American Bar Association.
             (2)      Have completed legal studies amounting to at least four semesters or the equivalent if the school is on some basis other than a semester basis.
             (3)      Be certified by the dean of such law school as being of good moral character and competent legal ability, and as being adequately trained to perform as a legal intern or extern. As a part of the certificate the dean shall set forth the termination date of the certificate. No certificate shall remain in effect in excess of eighteen months after it is filed.
             (4)      Be introduced to the court or administrative agency in which he or she is appearing as a legal intern or extern by a lawyer authorized to practice law in this state.
             (5)      Neither ask nor receive any compensation or remuneration of any kind for his or her services from the person on whose behalf he or she renders services, but this shall not prevent a lawyer, legal aid bureau, law school, public defender agency, or the state from paying compensation to the legal intern, nor shall it prevent any agency from making such charges for its services as it may otherwise properly require, or prevent any agency or lawyer from reimbursing a legal intern or extern for reasonable, out-of-pocket expenses related to the field placement.
             (6)      Certify in writing that he or she has read and is familiar with the rules of professional conduct of the Supreme Court of South Dakota, this title and the provisions of § 19-19-502, and agree to govern his or her conduct accordingly. Such certification shall either be made part of or shall be annexed to the certification of the dean of the law school as required by subdivision (3) of this section.

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