16-18-26 Misconduct by attorney as misdemeanor.
     16-18-26.   Misconduct by attorney as misdemeanor. Every attorney at law who:
             (1)      Practices any deceit or collusion, or consents to the same with intent to deceive the court or any party;
             (2)      Intentionally delays his client's suit with a view to his own gain;
             (3)      Intentionally receives any money or allowance for or on account of any money which he has not paid or become answerable for;
             (4)      Makes a subsequent application to a different judge to stay the same trial of any criminal prosecution with knowledge that application for such stay has been made and denied without leave reserved to renew it, before a judge authorized to grant it; or
             (5)      Knowingly permits any person not his general law partner or a clerk in his office to sue out any process or to prosecute or defend any action in his name;
is guilty of a Class 2 misdemeanor.

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