2-1-1      Initiative petitions--Number of signatures required.
2-1-1.1      Petition to be circulated for initiated constitutional amendment--Time for signatures and filing.
2-1-1.2      Petition to be circulated for initiated measure--Time for signatures and filing .
2-1-1.3      Petition circulator and petition sponsor defined.
2-1-1.4      Affidavit to include information as to residency.
2-1-2, 2-1-2.1. Repealed.
2-1-2.2      Withdrawal of initiated constitutional amendment.
2-1-2.3      Withdrawal of initiated measure.
2-1-3      Referendum--Laws subject to petition--Form.
2-1-3.1      Petition to be circulated for referred law--Time for filing.
2-1-3.2      Withdrawal of petition for referred law.
2-1-4      Repealed.
2-1-5      Total vote used to determine number of signers required in petitions.
2-1-6      Persons qualified to sign petitions--False or unqualified signing as misdemeanor.
2-1-6.1      Repealed.
2-1-6.2      Repealed.
2-1-6.3      Repealed.
2-1-7      Petitions to be signed in person.
2-1-8      Repealed.
2-1-9      Separate papers constituting single petition.
2-1-10      Verification of petition circulator--Violation as misdemeanor .
2-1-11      Petitions liberally construed.
2-1-11.1      Initiated measure to embrace only one subject.
2-1-12      Effective date of measures approved by voters.
2-1-13      Repealed.
2-1-14      Signatures secured contrary to chapter not to be counted.
2-1-15      Examination of petition by secretary of state--Signatures not to be counted unless persons are registered voters and information is complete.
2-1-16      Signatures to be verified by random sampling_Methodology.
2-1-17      Certification of results of random sampling--Notification of petition sponsors .
2-1-17.1      Submission of affidavit challenging petition to secretary of state--Appeal.
2-1-18      Court challenge to petition.
2-1-19, 2-1-20.      Transferred.
2-1-21      Violations by petition sponsor or circulator--Four-year prohibition--Civil penalty .