2-12-1      Names of lobbyists to be registered with secretary of state--Termination of employment .
2-12-2      Directory of lobbyists kept by secretary of state--Contents of entries--Open to inspection.
2-12-3      Annual registration fee.
2-12-4      Authorization to act as lobbyist for employer.
2-12-5      Specific legislation to be shown in directory entries--Employment of unregistered lobbyists prohibited.
2-12-6      Contingent compensation employment prohibited.
2-12-7      Repealed.
2-12-7.1      Employees of executive branch, a constitutional office, or the judicial system representatives required to register as public employee lobbyists--Budgetary testimony before appropriations committees excepted.
2-12-8      Lobbyists not to go on floor except by invitation--Violation as petty offense.
2-12-8.1      Badges required of lobbyists within capitol complex--Fees--Composition--Petty offense.
2-12-8.2      Officials and personnel prohibited from lobbying within two years after termination of service--Violation as misdemeanor.
2-12-9      Improper influence of legislation or legislators as misdemeanor.
2-12-10      Restrictions on activities of state and federal agents and employees .
2-12-11      Expense reports filed with secretary of state_Open to public inspection--Administrative penalty for untimely report.
2-12-12      Repealed.
2-12-13      Elected board members of local government or federally recognized Indian tribe and church representatives exempt .
2-12-14      Right of citizens to appear and speak in their own interests not infringed.
2-12-15      Definition of terms in §§ 2-12-15 to 2-12-19.
2-12-16      Limitation on gifts from or through lobbyists--Violation as misdemeanor.
2-12-17      Public official defined.
2-12-18      Gift defined.
2-12-19      Index factor defined.