2-16-1, 2-16-2.      Omitted.
2-16-3      Code Commission established--Composition and appointment of members--Vacancies.
2-16-3.1 to 2-16-4.1.      Executed.
2-16-4.2      Officers of commission--Meetings and hearings.
2-16-5      Compensation of commission members--Employment of personnel and incurring of expense.
2-16-5.1      Gifts and contributions to commission--Expenditure.
2-16-5.2      Assistance, space, and facilities for commission.
2-16-6      Supplements and reprinted volumes to be provided for--Contents.
2-16-7      Specifications, advertising and award of contract for publication.
2-16-7.1      Continuation of contract with publisher of code.
2-16-7.2      Advertising for bids for publications.
2-16-8      Copyrights of material--Contract for use of state's copyright.
2-16-8.1      Restriction on printing or distributing copyrighted material in code--Violation as misdemeanor.
2-16-9      Arrangement, correlation, and text changes in code.
2-16-9.1      Continuing authority of commission on assimilation of laws into code.
2-16-9.2      Repealed.
2-16-10      Repealed.
2-16-10.1      Additional powers of commission.
2-16-10.2      Sets of South Dakota Codified Laws to be provided to Legislature and Legislators.
2-16-10.3      Disposal of obsolete materials.
2-16-11      Repealed.
2-16-12      Supplements and revised volumes official after publication--Prima facie evidence of law--Citation.
2-16-13      Publications constituting official code.
2-16-13.1      Editorial material and appendices excluded from official code.
2-16-14      Code as continuation of prior law.
2-16-15      Invalid laws not validated by codification.
2-16-16      Statutes enacted at latest legislative session prevail over code--Citation of codified laws.
2-16-17      Official copy of code of laws--Certification.
2-16-18      Citation of code.
2-16-19      Publication of code on computer media.
2-16-20 to 2-16-23.      Transferred.