2-6-1      Administration of oaths by committee member.
2-6-2      Composition and appointment of Government Operations and Audit Committee--Duties and reports--Assistance.
2-6-3      Repealed.
2-6-4      Investigative authority of Government Operations and Audit Committee--Subpoenas .
2-6-4.1      Report may be required where audit finding reoccurs--Contents of report.
2-6-4.2      Criteria for issuing subpoena.
2-6-5      Disobedience of legislative summons as misdemeanor.
2-6-6      Refusal to testify or produce evidence before Legislature as misdemeanor.
2-6-7      Forfeiture of office by legislator in violation--Disqualification from public office.
2-6-8      Retirement laws study committee created--Purpose.
2-6-9      Appointment and terms of Retirement Laws Committee members--Political affiliations.
2-6-10      Officers of Retirement Laws Committee--Staff assistance.
2-6-11      Study of retirement laws by committee--Emphasis.
2-6-12      Legislative drafts and recommendations by Retirement Laws Committee--Reports--Review of proposals.
2-6-13      Repealed.
2-6-14      Joint Bonding Review Committee established--Agencies subject to review by joint committee.
2-6-15      Reports by bonding entities to joint committee--Contents--Other assistance.
2-6-16      Reports to joint committee on particular issues of bonds or notes--Contents.
2-6-17      Detailed accounting to committee on underlying security and investments.
2-6-18      Agency explanation to committee of programs and operations.
2-6-19      Water Development Oversight Committee created--Purpose.
2-6-20      State-Tribal Relations Committee created.
2-6-21      Membership of State-Tribal Relations Committee.
2-6-22      Committee heads--Staff assistance.
2-6-23      Responsibilities of State-Tribal Relations Committee.
2-6-24, 2-6-25. Repealed .
2-6-26 to 2-6-30.      Repealed.
2-6-31      Jolene's Law Task Force created.
2-6-32      Task force appointments--Term--Vacancy.
2-6-33      Task force to study impact of sexual abuse of children.
2-6-34      Task force staff and funding.
2-6-35      Government Operations and Audit Committee to implement performance management review process.
2-6-36      Performance management and state agency defined.
2-6-37      Schedule of performance management review by Government Operations and Audit Committee.
2-6-38      Agency report highlighting performance measures showing progress toward desired outcomes .
2-6-39      Annual compiled report presented to legislators--Website.
2-6-40      Initiative and Referendum Task Force established--Membership.
2-6-41      Duties of task force.
2-6-42      Report of task force.
2-6-43      Supervision, staffing, and funding of task force.