23A-28C-3 Enforcement of constitutional or statutory rights.
     23A-28C-3.   Enforcement of constitutional or statutory rights. A victim may seek a cause of action for injunctive relief to enforce the victim's rights under S.D. Const., Art. VI, § 29 or this chapter. No other cause of action exists against any person for a failure to comply with the terms of this chapter. If a victim asserts in writing to the court with jurisdiction over the case that a violation of this chapter has occurred, the court shall act promptly to ensure the victim's rights and interests are protected in a manner no less vigorous than the protections afforded to the defendant. The court, in its discretion, may determine if additional hearings or orders are necessary to ensure compliance with the chapter. The court shall clearly enter on the record the reasons for any decision regarding the disposition of a victim's rights. A violation of any right set forth in § 23A-28C-1 does not constitute grounds for an appeal from conviction by a defendant or for any other relief from such conviction.

Source: SL 1991, ch 202, § 3; SL 2018, ch 146, § 2.