25-5A-1      Definition of terms.
25-5A-2      Purposes of termination procedure.
25-5A-3      Parent entitled to petition for termination.
25-5A-4      Waiting period for filing petition.
25-5A-5      Circuit court jurisdiction--Venue.
25-5A-6      Verified petition--Contents.
25-5A-7      Consent not invalidated by minority.
25-5A-7.1      Transferred.
25-5A-7.2      Medical and social history form required prior to termination--Filing--Copy available to adoptive parent--Failure to comply does not void termination.
25-5A-7.3      Rules and regulations adopted by department for securing medical and social history.
25-5A-7.4      Violation of medical and social history provisions as misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.
25-5A-8      Hearing procedure.
25-5A-9      Time and place of hearing--Notice.
25-5A-10      Repealed.
25-5A-11      Service of notice in person or by publication--Time of service.
25-5A-12      Service by publication and mail.
25-5A-13      Private hearings--Opening to public.
25-5A-14      Personal presence of parent required--Appearance by telephone--Power of attorney--Indian Child Welfare Act.
25-5A-15      Hearings informal--Best interest of child.
25-5A-16      Determination that petitioners know consequences.
25-5A-17      Record of proceedings.
25-5A-18      Order terminating parental rights--Consent to adoption--Child support arrearages.
25-5A-19      Order conclusive--Appeal to supreme court.
25-5A-20      Records confidential.
25-5A-21      Remedy cumulative.
25-5A-22      Counseling before termination of parental rights.
25-5A-23      Scope of counseling.
25-5A-24      Written report of counseling--Copy to Department of Social Services.
25-5A-25      Failure to receive counseling.
25-5A-26      Termination of parental rights--Validated--Limitation on claims.
25-5A-27      Voluntary delivery of child 60 days of age or younger--Actions to protect child authorized.
25-5A-28      Delivery of unharmed child not a crime.
25-5A-29      Termination of parental rights to delivered child.
25-5A-30      Questions concerning child's medical history--No parental obligation to provide information.
25-5A-31      No liability for entity accepting custody of delivered child.
25-5A-32      Notification to Department of Social Services upon possession of child--Assumption of care, custody and control of child--Investigation of parent restricted.
25-5A-33      Provisions for custody action by nonrelinquishing parent.
25-5A-34      Emergency medical services provider defined.
25-5A-35      Parental rights termination hearing for voluntarily delivered child.
25-5A-36      Due regard to be afforded Indian Child Welfare Act.