29A-5-207 Certain documents to be sealed--Available to certain persons.
     29A-5-207.   Certain documents to be sealed--Available to certain persons. The statement of financial resources, any written report of the court representative, and any accountings or inventories made by the guardian or conservator shall be sealed upon filing and shall not be made a part of the public record but shall be available to the court, to the minor, to the petitioner, to the court representative, to their attorneys, to abstractors or employees of abstractors licensed pursuant to chapter 36-13, to employees and agents of title insurance companies licensed pursuant to chapter 58-25, to attorneys who are licensed to practice law pursuant to chapter 16-16 and who are representing a relative of the minor within the third degree of kinship, to the spouse of the minor, to joint tenants of the minor, to any intestate heirs of the minor which relationship shall be established by sworn affidavit, and to such other interested persons as the court may order upon a showing of the need therefor.

Source: SL 1993, ch 213, § 25; SDCL 30-36-25; SL 1995, ch 167, § 181; SL 1999, ch 146, § 2.