3-9-1      Mileage rate for automobile allowances.
3-9-2      Meals and lodging expense allowance while away from residence or headquarters--Maximum--Per diem allowance--Actual costs--Hardship exemption.
3-9-2.1      Meals and lodging actual cost reimbursement regardless of whether away from residence or headquarters .
3-9-2.2      Meal expense reimbursement per diem regardless of whether away from residence or headquarters.
3-9-2.3      Promulgation of rules regarding allowances for lodging, meals, and per diem.
3-9-3      Trip insurance on flights.
3-9-4      Consent of responsible officer or department required for out-of-state travel.
3-9-5      Authorization of out-of-state travel by members and officers of Legislature.
3-9-5.1      Authorization of out-of-state travel by officers and employees of Department of Legislative Audit and Legislative Research Council.
3-9-5.2      Authorization of out-of-state travel by employees delegated by Board of Regents.
3-9-6      Delegation to responsible officers of power to authorize out-of-state travel--Federal regulations applicable.
3-9-7      Expenses for political meetings not reimbursable--Rules for receipt of expenses for attending fairs and other public meetings.
3-9-8      Accounting for reimbursable expenses--When receipts required.
3-9-9      Household moving allowance--Persons entitled.
3-9-10      Voucher and supporting document for household moving allowance.
3-9-11      Promulgation of rules regarding travel and moving expenses--Prior approval required.
3-9-12      State policy on reimbursement of travel and moving expenses in recruitment of professional staff--Maximum reimbursement.
3-9-13      Travel advances authorized.
3-9-14      Advances from appropriated funds--Limitation.
3-9-15      Itemized statement of expenses--Repayment of excess--Crediting of repayments.
3-9-16      Immediate accounting on termination of state employment.
3-9-17      Withholding from payments to employee not accounting for travel advance.
3-9-18      Rules governing travel advances.
3-9-19      Bank cards for employees--Annual fees--Rules.