34-27-12 Supervision of burial record system by Department of Health--Enforcement powers.
     34-27-12.   Supervision of burial record system by Department of Health--Enforcement powers. For the purpose of locating the exact grave or burial space and the compiling and maintenance of an adequate and uniform burial-record system of the burials of all deceased persons, now located, together with all subsequent burials, within all cemeteries in the State of South Dakota, including the graves of veterans of the armed forces of the United States, including the allies, confederate veterans, and war nurses in the time of war and veterans as defined by § 33A-2-1, and making available such records for reporting to the United States government under the provisions of the federal laws, respecting the erection of government headstones at the graves of such veterans or war nurses of the Army of the United States, the Department of Health shall have charge of and shall supervise the registration of all burials in each registration district, and shall prepare the necessary instructions for obtaining, preserving as a permanent record, and maintaining the registration of all burials, by the registrar of each registration district, and by all individuals, associations, churches, religious and benevolent societies, and all public or private corporations, within this state, having under their care or control any cemetery or place of burial. The said department shall be charged with the uniform and thorough enforcement of the law throughout the state and the Department of Health shall from time to time, in compliance with chapter 1-26, make such rules and regulations, not inconsistent with the laws of this state, necessary for the carrying out of such registration.

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