34-27-21 Definition of terms.
     34-27-21.   Definition of terms. Terms used in §§ 34-27-21 to 34-27-30, inclusive, mean:
             (1)      "Human skeletal remains," the bones of a human being;
             (2)      "Funerary object," any artifact or object which was intentionally placed with a deceased person, either at the time of burial or interment or at some subsequent time, and which is reasonably associated with human remains subject to §§ 34-27-21 to 34-27-30, inclusive, or has been identified, through available evidence, as having been removed from a specific burial site in South Dakota;
             (3)      "State archaeologist," the individual of this title employed by the South Dakota State Historical Society;
             (4)      "Tribal group," a federally recognized Indian tribe.

Source: SL 1990, ch 6, § 1; SL 1991, ch 281, § 1.