36-4B-1      Definition of terms.
36-4B-2      Program created--Implementing agencies.
36-4B-3      Practice or holding out as medical technician or paramedic as misdemeanor unless licensed--Each violation a separate offense.
36-4B-4      Authorized activities of advanced life support students--Supervision.
36-4B-5      Federal personnel not restricted--Religious groups not practicing medicine.
36-4B-6      Grant of student status--Qualifications of applicants.
36-4B-7      Administrative requirements for educational programs in advanced life support.
36-4B-8, 36-4B-9. Repealed.
36-4B-10      Implementation and approval of educational programs in advanced life support--Applications for approval.
36-4B-11      Notice to board of changes in directorship or content of educational programs.
36-4B-12      Withdrawal of approval for failure of educational program to meet requirements.
36-4B-13      Issuance of advanced life support licenses--Qualifications of applicants.
36-4B-14      Licensing without examination of licensee from another state.
36-4B-15      Medical supervision of advanced life support personnel.
36-4B-16      Practices permitted by emergency medical technician-intermediate/99.
36-4B-16.1      Practices permitted by emergency medical technician-intermediate/85.
36-4B-16.2      Practices permitted by emergency medical technician-advanced.
36-4B-17      Practices permitted by licensed paramedics.
36-4B-18      Additional tasks permitted with adequate training and proficiency.
36-4B-19      Functions delegated to other professions not authorized for advanced life support personnel.
36-4B-20      Hospital and institutional rules applicable.
36-4B-21      Immunity from liability of licensees--Exceptions.
36-4B-22      Immunity from liability of sponsoring organization--Exceptions.
36-4B-23      Immunity from liability of representatives of sponsoring organization--Exceptions.
36-4B-24      Immunity from liability of supervising physician--Exception.
36-4B-25      Immunity from liability of physician transferring patient--Conditions for immunity.
36-4B-26      Annual renewal of license required--Form.
36-4B-27      Fee for annual renewal--Continuing education--Letters from supervising physician and employer--Notice to board of termination of employment.
36-4B-28      Suspension on failure to renew license--Reinstatement.
36-4B-29      Annual establishment of license and examination fees--Minimum and maximum amounts.
36-4B-30      Monthly payment of receipts into treasury--Credit to fund--Appropriation for expenses.
36-4B-31      Grounds for denial, suspension or revocation of license.
36-4B-32      Appeal of board decisions.
36-4B-33      Suspension of license for mental incompetency--Restoration to reason.
36-4B-34      Reissuance of canceled, suspended or revoked license.
36-4B-34.1      Peer review committee--Activities--Liability of members.
36-4B-34.2      Data of peer review committee--Disclosure--Discovery--Admissibility--Testimony.
36-4B-34.3      Application of § 36-4B-34.2 to observations made and records prepared during treatment--Testimony as witness.
36-4B-34.4      Peer review activity defined.
36-4B-35      Rules for administration and professional conduct.
36-4B-36      Prohibited rules.
36-4B-37      Advanced life support personnel advisory committee--Appointment--Terms--Duties.
36-4B-38      Training on use of auto-injector for emergency administration of epinephrine.
36-4B-39      Ambulances equipped with epinephrine auto-injectors--Use by emergency medical technicians--Statewide protocols.
36-4B-40      Ambulances equipped with supraglottic airway devices--Statewide protocols--Use by emergency medical technicians.