40-21-1 to 40-21-3. Repealed.
40-21-3.1      Transporting cattle, horses, mules, sheep, buffalo, or carcasses without owner's permit prohibited--Contents of permit--Written statement in lieu of permit--Violation as misdemeanor.
40-21-3.2 to 40-21-4. Repealed.
40-21-5      Designation of open market for livestock--Promulgation of rules--Open market agreement.
40-21-6      Inspections made between sunrise and sunset--Rules regulating inspection during hours of darkness.
40-21-7      Inspection fee for livestock--Receipt--Charge on entire consignment.
40-21-8      Deposit of fees collected by inspecting agency--Monthly report of fees and expenses.
40-21-8.1, 40-21-8.2. Repealed.
40-21-9      Fees paid into livestock ownership inspection and theft prevention fund--Purposes for which used.
40-21-10      Proof of ownership required for livestock not bearing seller's brand.
40-21-11      Proof of ownership required for livestock bearing more than one brand.
40-21-12      Holding or sale of livestock or proceeds on failure to establish ownership--Financial responsibility of selling agent--Civil suit--Discretion of inspector--Disposition of proceeds without board's release as misdemeanor.
40-21-12.1      Hold on livestock on failure of person transporting livestock to establish ownership--Removal prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
40-21-13      Repealed.
40-21-14      Time allowed for establishment of ownership after sale of animal--Sale price paid to owner.
40-21-15      Failure of seller to establish ownership--Sale proceeds paid to board--Account of sale.
40-21-16      Separate fund for sale proceeds of undetermined ownership held by board--Period for which held--Payment to owner on proof of ownership.
40-21-17      Sale proceeds of undetermined ownership escheat to board--Deposit in ownership inspection and theft prevention fund when ownership not established.
40-21-18      Repealed.
40-21-19      Delegation of board powers to livestock inspection agency.
40-21-20      Enforcement of rules.
40-21-21      Forgery, alteration, or misrepresentation of inspection certificate, market clearance, bill of sale, or permit as felony.
40-21-22      Repealed.
40-21-22.1      Removal of livestock before ownership inspection prohibited--Violation as misdemeanor.
40-21-23      Venue of offenses.
40-21-24      Reward authorized--Funding.
40-21-25      Rendering establishments exempt from provisions governing transport of hides and carcasses.