01.     General Provisions And Classes Of Property
02.     Ownership Of Property
02A.     Alien Ownership Of Agricultural Land
03.     Present And Future Interests In Property
04.     Transfer Of Property
05.     Restraints On Alienation Of Property
06.     Accumulations Of Income Of Property
07.     Estates In Real Property
08.     Present Estates In Real Property
09.     Future Estates In Real Property
10.     Real Property Trusts [Repealed]
11.     Real Property Powers
12.     Real Property Covenants
13.     Easements And Servitudes
14.     Rights Of Occupants And Settlers
15.     Vertical And Horizontal Property Regimes [Repealed]
15A.     Condominiums
15B.     Time-Share Estates
16.     Land Boundaries, Monuments And Subsurface Rights
17.     Water Boundaries And Riparian Lands
18.     Land Surveys
19.     Township Surveys And Landmarks
20.     Perpetuation Of Survey Corners
21.     Survey And Recording Of Plats
22.     South Dakota Coordinate System
23.     Partition Fences
24.     Local Option Woven-Wire Fences
25.     Deeds And Conveyances
26.     Real Estate Sale Contracts
27.     Names Of Farms, Ranches And Homes
28.     Recording Of Instruments
29.     Title Defects Cured By Lapse Of Time
30.     Marketable Title To Real Estate
30A.     Abandoned Mineral Interests
30B.     Trust For Unlocated Or Unidentified Mineral Interest Owners
31.     Homestead Exemption
32.     Lease Of Real Property
33.     Fixtures To Land
34.     Accessions To Personal Property
35.     Transfer Of Personal Property
36.     Gifts Of Personal Property
37.     Loan Of Personal Property
38.     Hiring Of Personal Property [Repealed]
39.     Deposit Of Personal Property
40.     Safeguarding Of Property In Hotels

41.     Lost And Found Property
41A.     Disposition Of Unclaimed Property [Repealed]
41B.     Uniform Unclaimed Property Act
41C.     Unclaimed Property Held By Museums Or Historical Societies
42.     Things In Action
43.     Products Of The Mind
43A.     Sound Reproductions
43B.     Computer Programs
44.     Emblems Of Associations
45.     Personal Property Exempt From Process
46.     Joint Owners' Liability For Decedents' Debts