47-29-1      Cemetery corporations authorized--Nonprofit corporation law as applicable.
47-29-2      Permissible bylaw provisions--General management--Conformity with other corporation law.
47-29-3      Cemetery lot owners as members of corporation--Vote--Jointly owned lots--Proxy voting.
47-29-4      Quorum of members--Proxies counted.
47-29-5      Notice of election of directors--Publication of notice--Time of publication--Notice of other meetings.
47-29-6      Directors required to be members.
47-29-7      Grounds previously used for burial--Lot owners as members of corporation.
47-29-8      Transfer of lot to individual owner for burial--Succession to ownership of lot--Joint owners.
47-29-9      Failure to inter or care for lot or mausoleum--Resale of lot--Transfer of mausoleum to municipality--Notice required.
47-29-10      Other laws applicable to nonperpetual care cemeteries.
47-29-11      Power of corporation to hold real estate--Maximum holdings--Platting and sale of lots.
47-29-12      Additional holdings of real property--Sale of additional holdings.
47-29-13      Surveying and platting of cemetery grounds--Recordation--Lot numbering.
47-29-14      Sale of unplatted and unused ground.
47-29-15      Sale of platted but unused, unsold and unneeded ground--Determination by governing body of corporation--Confirmation.
47-29-16      Circuit court petition for confirmation--Contents of petition--Hearing--Notice of hearing--Method of notice--Including multiple tracts in petition.
47-29-17      Order granting or denying petition--Order as conclusive absent appeal.
47-29-18      Judgment as vacating plat or survey--Replatting.
47-29-19      Extension of cemetery boundaries--Purchase of lands--Condemnation of lands--Condemnation laws applicable.
47-29-20      Improvements on cemetery lands--Prohibited uses.
47-29-21      Authorization to hold personal property.
47-29-22      Authorization to establish perpetual fund--Donations--Election of trustees--Bond and accounting of trustees.
47-29-23      Distribution of proceeds from sale of cemetery lots--Use in care of cemetery--Expenses--Profit prohibited.
47-29-24      Percentage of proceeds used to pay debts.
47-29-25      Cemetery property as exempt from taxation and local assessments--Appropriation for state highway purposes of unused lands.
47-29-26      Validation of previous cemetery lot deeds.