5-29-1      Legislative findings.
5-29-2      Definitions.
5-29-3      Research parks on state lands.
5-29-4      Accommodation of all kinds of facilities.
5-29-5      Lands subject to school and public lands trust.
5-29-6      Mineral rights.
5-29-7      Geothermal resources.
5-29-8      Structures and mineral leases may not disturb use of research park.
5-29-9      Authorized agreements.
5-29-10      Construction of agreements to permit only authorized uses.
5-29-11      Security for financing.
5-29-12      Lease period limit.
5-29-13      Commercially reasonable performance required--Enforcement and termination.
5-29-14      Title to improvements upon termination.
5-29-15      State not liable for research park debts.
5-29-16      Formation of research park corporations.
5-29-17      Board of directors appointed by Board of Regents.
5-29-18      Net earnings of research park corporation.
5-29-19      Research park corporation not a public body.
5-29-20      Research park corporation not subject to statutes and rules governing public bodies.
5-29-21      Research park corporation to have powers of nonprofit corporation.