54-4-54 Payment of annual tax--Exemption.
     54-4-54.   Payment of annual tax--Exemption. Each licensee, whether a corporation or otherwise, shall pay the annual tax provided in chapter 10-43, upon the net income of the licensee, and measured by the net income assignable to such business in South Dakota. The annual tax provided by this section may not be less than twenty-four dollars. The State of South Dakota, any political subdivision of the state, and any quasi-governmental organization created by an executive order of the State of South Dakota and any subsidiary of such organization; any nonprofit United States Treasury Community Development Financial Institution, Small Business Administration Certified Development Company, or Regional Revolving Loan Fund; or any commercial club, chamber of commerce, or industrial development corporation formed pursuant to § 9-12-11 or 9-27-37 is exempt from the payment of this tax.

Source: SL 1998, ch 280, § 19; SL 2005, ch 257, § 3.