56-1-1      Guaranty defined.
56-1-2      Knowledge of principal unnecessary to creation of guaranty.
56-1-3      Consideration--When required.
56-1-4      Requirements as to writing--Signature of guarantor--Expression of consideration unnecessary.
56-1-5      Promise for consideration to answer for obligation of another--Writing unnecessary.
56-1-6      Obligation which renders the party making the promise the principal debtor, and the person in whose behalf it is made the surety--Writing unnecessary.
56-1-7      Promise for antecedent obligation of another--Writing unnecessary.
56-1-8      Undertaking by factor to sell merchandise and guarantee sale--Writing unnecessary.
56-1-9      Holder of instrument for the payment of money, upon which third person liable, transferring it in payment of precedent debt entering into a promise respecting such instrument--Writing unnecessary.
56-1-10      Acceptance of guaranty.
56-1-11      Guaranty of incomplete contract.
56-1-12      Guaranty that obligation is good or collectible.
56-1-13      Recovery upon guaranty that obligation is good or collectible.
56-1-14      Failure to take proceedings upon principal debt does not discharge guaranty of solvency.
56-1-15      Construction of guaranty--Unconditional in absence of terms importing condition precedent.
56-1-16      Liability of guarantor--Time of accrual--Default of principal--Demand or notice unnecessary.
56-1-17      Liability of guarantor of conditional obligation--Notice of default.
56-1-18      Obligations of guarantor--Scope and limitations.
56-1-19      Liability of guarantor--Contract of principal unlawful--Personal disability of principal.
56-1-20      Continuing guaranty defined.
56-1-21      Revocation of continuing guaranty--Exception.
56-1-22      Exoneration of guarantor--Alteration of original obligation of principal--Impairment of rights of creditors.
56-1-23      Void promises do not exonerate guarantor.
56-1-24      Liability of guarantor exonerated by agreement altering original obligation of debtor or impairing remedy of creditor not restored by rescission of such agreement.
56-1-25      Obligation of guarantor reduced by partial satisfaction of obligation.
56-1-26      Delay of creditors in enforcement of remedy--Guarantor not exonerated.
56-1-27      Liability of indemnified guarantor.
56-1-28      Discharge of principal by operation of law--Guarantor not exonerated.