01.     Definitions And General Provisions
02.     Division Of Insurance
03.     Examination Of Insurers And Insurance Producers
04.     Enforcement Powers And Proceedings
04A.     Insurance Fraud
05.     Organization And General Powers Of Insurers
05A.     Insurance Holding Companies
05B.     Mutual Medical Malpractice Insurers
05C.     Mutual Legal Malpractice Insurers
06.     Authority To Transact Insurance In State
06A.     Risk Retention Groups
07.     Insurers' Deposits With State
08.     Unauthorized Insurers
09.     Kinds Of Insurance
10.     Insurable Interest
11.     Form And Contents Of Insurance Policies
11A.     Life And Health Policy Language Simplification
12.     Insurance Claims And Benefits
13.     Limit Of Risk Insured
14.     Reinsurance
15.     Life Insurance And Annuities
16.     Group Life Insurance Policies
17.     Health Insurance Policies
17A.     Medicare Supplement Policies
17B.     Standards For Long-Term Care Insurance
17C.     Standards For Managed Care Plans [Repealed And Transferred]
17D.     Standards For Utilization Review For Property And Casualty Insurers
17E.     Discount Medical Plans
17F.     Network Adequacy Standards
17G.     Quality Assessment And Improvements
17H.     Utilization Review And Benefit Determinations
17I.     Grievance Procedure
17J.     Patient Choice In Selection Of Health Care Provider
18.     Group And Blanket Health Insurance Policies
18A.     Coordination Of Benefits Of Health Plans
18B.     Regulation Of Small Businesses' Group And Blanket Health Insurance
18C.     Continuation Of Health Care Coverage
19.     Credit Life, Health, Unemployment And Group Property Insurance
20.     Workers' Compensation Insurance
21.     Surety Insurance
22.     Bail Bondspersons
23.     Liability Insurance
23A.     Medical Malpractice Insurance
24.     Fire, Marine, Casualty, And Surety Insurance Rates And Rating Organizations
25.     Title Insurance Rates And Policies

26.     Valuation Of Assets, Liabilities And Reserves
27.     Loans And Investments Of Insurers
28.     Separate Life Insurance And Annuity Accounts
29.     Delinquency Proceedings Against Insurers [Repealed]
29A.     Insurance Guaranty Association
29B.     Insurers Supervision, Rehabilitation And Liquidation
29C.     Life And Health
29D.     Regulation Of Life And Health Administrators
29E.     Pharmacy Benefits Management
29F.     Pharmacy Audit Integrity Program
30.     Insurance Producers
31.     Life And Health Insurance Agents [Repealed]
32.     Surplus Line Insurance
33.     Unfair Trade Practices
33A.     Standards For Advertisement, Solicitation, And Sale Of Life And Health Insurance
34.     Reciprocal Insurers
35.     Farm Mutual Insurers
36.     Mutual Assessment Life And Health Insurers
37.     Fraternal Benefit Societies [Repealed]
37A.     Fraternal Benefit Societies
38.     Nonprofit Medical And Surgical Plans
39.     Nonprofit Dental Service Plans
40.     Nonprofit Hospital Service Plans
41.     Health Maintenance Organizations
42.     Legal Expense Insurance [Repealed]
43.     Independent Audit Of Insurers
44.     Broker Controlled Property And Casualty Insurance
45.     Basic Health Benefit Plan [Repealed]
46.     Captive Insurance Companies
47.     Portable Electronics Insurance