62-8-1      Definition of terms.
62-8-2      Repealed.
62-8-3      Contracted and incurred defined.
62-8-4      Right to compensation--Applicability of workers' compensation law.
62-8-5      Repealed.
62-8-6      Employers and workers subject to chapter--Security for compensation--Right to compensation as exclusive remedy.
62-8-7, 62-8-8. Repealed.
62-8-9      Repealed.
62-8-10      Repealed.
62-8-11      Filing time to qualify for disability or death compensation.
62-8-12      Conditions of liability--Burden of proof.
62-8-13      Notice of disability required--Claim for compensation.
62-8-14      Silicosis cases--Period of exposure.
62-8-15      Last employer liable--Amount of compensation--Notice of disability--Claim for compensation.
62-8-16      Maximum compensation for death or disability.
62-8-17      Waiver of disability benefits by working for another.
62-8-18      Death in case of silicosis--Liability of last employer.
62-8-19      Disability or death from silicosis with complication of tuberculosis.
62-8-20      Partial disability due to silicosis not compensable--Exceptions.
62-8-21      Dependency arising after disability.
62-8-22      Disability or death due to employee's willful misconduct, willful self-exposure, or disobedience not compensable.
62-8-23      Willful self-exposure--Acts constituting.
62-8-24      Waiver of full compensation for aggravation of nondisabling silicosis--Amount of claim limited.
62-8-25      Contract waiving all claims for compensation for aggravation of nondisabling silicosis.
62-8-26      Voluntary waiver--Finding by department.
62-8-27      Termination of employment because of nondisabling silicosis--Allowance of compensation.
62-8-28      Petition of employee for examination for silicosis--Payment of costs--Findings of department.
62-8-29      Notice of disease or death required for compensation.
62-8-30      Time for notice of incapacity from ionizing radiation.
62-8-31      Persons who may give notice and make claim.
62-8-32      Time for making claim for further compensation after discontinuance.
62-8-33 to 62-8-40. Superseded.
62-8-40.1      Contracts for medical reports.
62-8-41      Autopsy ordered by department upon filing of claim.
62-8-42      Autopsy ordered by department where controversy may exist.
62-8-43      Refusal to permit autopsy--Suspension of proceedings for compensation.
62-8-44      Modification of award.
62-8-45      Agreements between employer and employee.
62-8-46      Repealed.
62-8-47      Compensation under this chapter not additional to compensation under chapter 62-4.

62-8-48      Repealed.