7-16-1      Election at general election--Oath and bond--Licensed attorney required.
7-16-2      Judicial appointment of acting attorney in event of absence, inability, or disqualification--Fees.
7-16-3      Appointment, qualifications, and powers of deputy attorneys.
7-16-4      Deputy for desertion and public welfare laws in large counties.
7-16-5      Salaries of deputies.
7-16-6      Employment of counsel to assist state's attorney in trial--Employment of state's attorney or deputy in proceedings outside county.
7-16-7      Employment of special investigative agents--Qualifications--Compensation--Records.
7-16-7.1      Employment of paralegal and secretarial assistance.
7-16-8      Opinions and advice to county officers--Fees.
7-16-9      Prosecution and defense of actions for state and county--Proceedings outside county or in federal court.
7-16-9.1      Examination of cases where offender committed or released on bail.
7-16-10      Prosecution of preliminary informations before magistrate.
7-16-11      Attendance and advice to grand jury--Issuance of process.
7-16-12      Repealed.
7-16-13      Prosecution of actions by public authorities for child support.
7-16-14      Actions against county commissioners for misconduct in office.
7-16-15      Continuation of prosecution or defense after change of venue.
7-16-16      Reimbursement of traveling expenses incurred on official business--Mileage allowances.
7-16-17      Reimbursement of expenses outside county.
7-16-18      Extra fees for official business--Representation of private parties--Judicial office--Full-time state's attorney.
7-16-19      Full-time position--Private practice prohibited.
7-16-19.1      Part-time state's attorney--Office at business address authorized.
7-16-20      Duplicate receipts issued for fines, penalties, and costs received.
7-16-21      Deposit and accounting for fines, penalties, and costs received--Failure to account as theft.
7-16-22      Action on attorney's bond for recovery of money received.
7-16-23      Fees and costs in addition to salary--Full-time state's attorney.
7-16-24      Consolidation of office of state's attorney to create office of regional prosecutor.
7-16-25      Establishment of office of regional prosecutor--Notice requirement--Option to withdraw from or modify agreement--Election of state's attorney.
7-16-26      Agreement to create office of regional prosecutor--Specifications of office.
7-16-27      Election district for office of regional prosecutor.
7-16-28      Election of state's attorney for office of regional prosecutor--Oath of office, bond and eligibility requirements.
7-16-29      Application of chapter.
7-16-30      Amendment or modification of regional prosecutor agreement--Existing and future terms.
7-16-31      Residency requirements for state's attorney in counties with low population.