9-5-1      Petition by voters of municipality to be annexed--Agreement on terms of annexation--Resolutions of governing bodies.
9-5-2      Publication of resolutions of annexation--Approval of voters required.
9-5-3      Notice, conduct, and canvass of elections on annexation.
9-5-4      Waiting period after rejection of annexation by voters.
9-5-5      Submission of question to voters of municipality to be annexed--Date of election.
9-5-6      Form of ballot on question of annexation.
9-5-7      Resolution declaring approval by voters of municipality to be annexed--Filing with annexing municipality--Submission to voters of annexing municipality--Date of election.
9-5-8      Resolution declaring approval by voters of annexing municipality--Filing and recording of proceedings.
9-5-9      Effective date of annexation--Implementing ordinance.
9-5-10      Proceedings to compel compliance with terms of annexation--Existing rights and liabilities preserved.
9-5-11      Title to municipal property after annexation.
9-5-12      Assumption of municipal debts and obligations after annexation.
9-5-13      Bonded indebtedness of annexing municipality--Tax levy--Property in annexed municipality exempt.
9-5-14      Bonded indebtedness of annexed municipality--Tax levy.
9-5-15      Enforcement of claims and demands against annexed municipality--Payment of judgments.
9-5-16      School districts consolidated on annexation.
9-5-17      Title to school district property after consolidation--Assumption of debts and obligations.
9-5-18      Bonded indebtedness of annexing school district--Tax levy--Property in annexed district exempt.
9-5-19      Bonded indebtedness of annexed school district--Tax levy.
9-5-20      Continuation in force of ordinances, contracts, rights and liabilities of annexed municipality and school district.