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          12:36:04:04.  List of tree and shrub species with standardized germination testing procedures. Tree and shrub seeds with standardized germination testing procedures available for them are as follows:

            (1)      Abies balsamea, balsam fir;

            (2)      Abies concolor, white fir;

            (3)      Abies fraseri, Fraser fir;

            (4)      Abies Homolepis, Nikko fir;

            (5)      Abies lasiocarpa, subalpine fir;

            (6)      Abies veitchii, Veitch fir;

            (7)      Acer ginnala, Amur maple;

            (8)      Acer negundo, boxelder;

            (9)      Acer platanoides, Norway maple;

          (10)      Acer rubrum, red maple;

          (11)      Acer saccharinum, silver maple;

          (12)      Acer saccharum, sugar maple;

          (13)      Acer spicatum, mountain maple;

          (14)      Ailanthus altissima, tree of heaven, ailanthus;

          (15)      Berberis thunbergii, Japanese barberry;

          (16)      Berberis vulgaris, european barberry;

          (17)      Betula alleghaniensis, yellow birch;

          (18)      Betula lenta, sweet birch;

          (19)      Betula nigra, river birch;

          (20)      Betula papyrifera, paper birch;

          (21)      Betula pendula, European white birch;

          (22)      Betula populifolia, gray birch;

          (23)      Carya ovata, shagbark hickory;

          (24)      Catalpa speciosa, northern catalpa;

          (25)      Celastrus scandens, American bittersweet;

          (26)      Celastrus orbiculata, Oriental bittersweet;

          (27)      Cornus florida, flowering dogwood;

          (28)      Cornus stolonifera, red-osier dogwood;

          (29)      Crataegus mollis, downy hawthorn;

          (30)      Fraxinus americana, white ash;

          (31)      Fraxinus excelsior, European ash;

          (32)      Fraxinus nigra, black ash;

          (33)      Fraxinus pensylvanica, green ash;

          (34)      Fraxinum pensylvanica var. lanceolata, green ash;

          (35)      Gleditsia triacanthos, honey locust;

          (36)      Grevillea robusta, silk oak;

          (37)      Larix decidua, European larch;

          (38)      Larix sibirica, Siberian larch;

          (39)      Liriodendron tulipifera L., yellow-poplar;

          (40)      Malus supp., apple;

          (41)      Malus supp., crabapple;

          (42)      Nyssa aquatica L., water tupelo;

          (43)      Nyssa sylvatica var. sylvatica, black tupelo;

          (44)      Picea abies Karst., Norway spruce;

          (45)      Picea engelmanni Parry, engelmann spruce;

          (46)      Picea glaucaVoss., white spruce;

          (47)      Picea glauca var. albertiana, western white spruce, Alberta white spruce;

          (48)      Picea glehniiMast., Sakhalin spruce;

          (49)      Picea Koyamai Shiras, Koyama spruce;

          (50)      Picea mariana B.S.P., black spruce;

          (51)      Picea omorika Purkyne, Serbian spruce;

          (52)      Picea orientalisLink., Oriental spruce;

          (53)      Picea polita Carr, tigertail spruce;

          (54)      Picea pungensEngelm., blue spruce, Colorado spruce;

          (55)      Picea pungens var. glauca Reg., Colorado blue spruce;

          (56)      Picea rubensSar., red spruce;

          (57)      Picea stichensis Carr, Sitka spruce;

          (58)      Pinus aristateEngelm., bristlecone pine;

          (59)      Pinus banksianaLamb., Jack pine;

          (60)      Pinus contortaDougl., lodgepole pine;

          (61)      Pinus contorta var. latifolia Engelm., lodgepole pine;

          (62)      Pinus desiflora Sieb. and Zucc., Japanese red pine;

          (63)      Pinus flexillis James, limber pine;

          (64)      Pinus mugoTurra., mountain pine;

          (65)      Pinus mugo var. mughus Zenari, Mugo Swiss mountain pine;

          (66)      Pinus nigra, Austrian pine;

          (67)      Pinus nigra poiretiana, Corsican pine;

          (68)      Pinus ponderosaLaws., Ponderosa pine, Western yellow pine;

          (69)      Pinus resinosa, red pine, Norway pine;

          (70)      Pinus strobus, Eastern white pine;

          (71)      Pinus sylvestris, Scotch pine;

          (72)      Pinus thunbergii, Japanese black pine;

          (73)      Plantanus occidentalis, American sycamore;

          (74)      Populus spp., poplars;

          (75)      Prunus armeriaca, apricot;

          (76)      Prunus avium, cherry;

          (77)      Prunus domestica, plum, prune;

          (78)      Prunus persica, peach;

          (79)      Pseudotsuga menziesii var. glauca, Franco, blue Douglas fir;

          (80)      Pseudotsuga menziesii var. caesia, Franco, gray Douglas fir;

          (81)      Pseudotsuga menziesii var. viridis, green Douglas fir;

          (82)      Pyrus communis, pear;

          (83)      Quercus spp., red or black oak group;

          (84)      Quercus alba, white oak;

          (85)      Quercus muehlenbergiiEngelm., Chinkapin oak;

          (86)      Rhododendron spp., rhododendron;

          (87)      Robinia pseudoacacia L. black locust;

          (88)      Rosa multifloraThunb., Japanese rose;

          (89)      Syringa vulgaris L., common lilac;

          (90)      Thuja occidentalis L., Northern white cedar, Eastern arborvitae;

          (91)      Tsuga canadensisCarr., Eastern hemlock, Canada hemlock;

          (92)      Ulmus americana L., American elm;

          (93)      Ulmus parvifoliaJacq., Chinese elm;

          (94)      Ulmus pumila L., Siberian elm;

          (95)      Vitis Vulpina L., riverbank grape.

          Source: 15 SDR 54, effective October 10, 1988.

          General Authority: SDCL 38-12A-20.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 38-12A-6.

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