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CHAPTER 12:68:04



12:68:04:01        Personnel authorized to apply tuberculin tests.

12:68:04:01.01   Tuberculosis control -- Use of federally approved methods and rules.

12:68:04:02        Caudal fold test.

12:68:04:03        Cervical test for retesting.

12:68:04:04        Requirements for special procedures in infected herds.

12:68:04:05        Tuberculin test interpretation.

12:68:04:06        Injection sites palpated.

12:68:04:07        Guidelines for caudal fold test.

12:68:04:08        Mycobacterium tuberculosis bovis infection.

12:68:04:09        Report of tuberculin tests.

12:68:04:10        Disposition of reactors.

12:68:04:11        Disposition of suspects.

12:68:04:12        No reactors retested.

12:68:04:13        Movement for immediate slaughter.

12:68:04:14        Movement of animals restricted.

12:68:04:15        Permit required to move animals from herds containing suspect animals only.

12:68:04:16        Movement of animals from herds containing suspect animals only to immediate slaughter.

12:68:04:17        Release from quarantine of animals from herds containing suspect animals only.

12:68:04:18        Deviators.

12:68:04:19        Quarantine of herds when reactors are found.

12:68:04:20        Permit to move animals from quarantined herds.

12:68:04:21        Intrastate movement of animals from quarantined herds.

12:68:04:22        Quarantine of infected herds.

12:68:04:23        Quarantine of herd when reactors are found.

12:68:04:24        Release from quarantine of NGL reactors.

12:68:04:25        Quarantine of suspect animals only.

12:68:04:26        Additions to accredited herds.

12:68:04:27        Animals added to accredited herds.

12:68:04:28        Animals to be tested under accredited herd plan.

12:68:04:29        Accreditation and reaccreditation of accredited herd.

12:68:04:30        Individual identification of tested animals.

12:68:04:31        Identification records for animals in channels of trade.

12:68:04:32        Cleaning and disinfection of premises.

12:68:04:33        Origin of infection.

12:68:04:34        Newly assembled herds on depopulated premises to be specially retested.

12:68:04:35        Herds with history of lesions to be retested.

12:68:04:36        Tuberculosis testing of Mexican animals.

12:68:04:37        Identification of recreational cattle.

12:68:04:38        Annual testing of recreational cattle.

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