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CHAPTER 12:68:06



12:68:06:01       Certificate of veterinary inspection to accompany imported animals, semen, and embryos.

12:68:06:02       Information to be contained in certificates of veterinary inspection.

12:68:06:03       Repealed.

12:68:06:04       Repealed.

12:68:06:05       Repealed.

12:68:06:06       Repealed.

12:68:06:07       Importation from area with screw worm problem.

12:68:06:08       Imported animals to be quarantined.

12:68:06:09       Importation of cats and dogs.

12:68:06:10       Swine for immediate slaughter.

12:68:06:11       Repealed.

12:68:06:12       Inspectors.

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