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CHAPTER 12:68:24



12:68:24:01       Definitions.

12:68:24:02       Supervision of the Cervidae brucellosis eradication program.

12:68:24:03       Surveillance procedures.

12:68:24:04       Official cervid tests.

12:68:24:05       Interpretation of cervid tests.

12:68:24:06       Other diagnostic tests.

12:68:24:07       Investigation of cervid surveillance identification test reactors.

12:68:24:08       Procedures in affected herds.

12:68:24:09       Herd plan.

12:68:24:10       Retesting reactors.

12:68:24:11       Identification requirements.

12:68:24:12       Movement from first point of concentration.

12:68:24:13       Cleaning and disinfecting.

12:68:24:14       Qualifying methods for certified brucellosis-free cervid herds.

12:68:24:15       Recertification of brucellosis-free cervid herds.

12:68:24:16       Movement into a certified brucellosis-free cervid herd.

12:68:24:17       Recognition of certified brucellosis-free cervid herds.

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