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Rule 20:06:13:22.04 One policy or certificate form allowed -- Exceptions.

          20:06:13:22.04.  One policy or certificate form allowed -- Exceptions. An issuer may not file for approval more than one form of a policy or certificate of each type for each standard Medicare supplement benefit plan except as provided in this section.

          An issuer may offer, with the approval of the director, up to four additional policy forms or certificate forms of the same type for the same standard Medicare supplement benefit plan, one for each of the following cases:

          (1)  The inclusion of new or innovative benefits;

          (2)  The addition of either direct response or agent marketing methods;

          (3)  The addition of either guaranteed issue or underwritten coverage; and

          (4)  The offering of coverage to individuals eligible for Medicare by reasons of disability.

          Source: 18 SDR 225, effective July 17, 1992; 19 SDR 160, effective April 27, 1993.

          General Authority: SDCL 58-4-1, 58-17A-2, 58-17A-5.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 58-17A-2, 58-17A-5.

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