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Rule 20:06:13:79 Guaranteed issue.

          20:06:13:79.  Guaranteed issue. With respect to an eligible person, an issuer may not deny or condition the issuance or effectiveness of a Medicare supplement policy described in ยง 20:06:13:81 that is offered and is available for issuance to a new enrollee by the issuer, may not discriminate in the pricing of a Medicare supplement policy because of the eligible person's health status, claims experience, receipt of health care, or medical condition, and may not impose an exclusion of benefits based on a preexisting condition under a Medicare supplement policy.

          Source: 25 SDR 44, effective September 30, 1998.

          General Authority: SDCL 58-17A-2(2)(5)(11).

          Law Implemented: SDCL 58-17A-2(2)(5)(11), 58-17A-17.

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