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Rule 20:10:34:05 Complaints of unauthorized changing of a telecommunications company.

          20:10:34:05.  Complaints of unauthorized changing of a telecommunications company. Upon receipt of an oral or written complaint alleging an unauthorized change of a subscriber's telecommunications company from the subscriber, the subscriber's original pre-subscribed telecommunications company, the subscriber's local exchange service company, or from the commission or its staff on behalf of a subscriber or applicant, the telecommunications company that initiated the change shall provide documentation, within 30 days and without cost, showing that the change was authorized. The documentation shall be provided to the person alleging the unauthorized change. The company that initiates the change is the company that requests on behalf of a subscriber that the subscriber's telephone company be changed and seeks to provide retail services to the subscriber. If a telecommunications company fails to provide the documentation, the change of the telecommunications company is considered invalid.

          The telecommunications company shall also notify the subscriber that if the subscriber is not satisfied with the documentation provided by the company, the subscriber may contact the commission. The telecommunications company shall provide the subscriber with the commission's toll free number.

          Source: 25 SDR 89, effective December 27, 1998; 25 SDR 167, effective July 1, 1999.

          General Authority: SDCL 49-31-89.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 49-31-89, 49-31-90, 49-31-92, 49-31-93.

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