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CHAPTER 20:10:39




20:10:39:01       Definitions.

20:10:39:02       Purpose of rules - Conformance to electrical codes.

20:10:39:03       Measurement and testing by utility.

20:10:39:04       Notice to utility.

20:10:39:05       Cooperation between the dairy and utility.

20:10:39:06       Service provider.

20:10:39:07       Qualified testing professional.

20:10:39:08       Qualified testing analyst.

20:10:39:09       Additional qualified testing professional or analyst.

20:10:39:10       General requirements for stray voltage measuring and recording.

20:10:39:11       Calibration of measuring equipment.

20:10:39:12       Calibration certificates.

20:10:39:13       Field check of measuring equipment.

20:10:39:14       Requirements for monitoring systems and recording devices.

20:10:39:15       Requirements for load boxes.

20:10:39:16       Stray current or voltage test.

20:10:39:17       Testing sequence.

20:10:39:18       Preventive action level not exceeded.

20:10:39:19       Preventive action level exceeded.

20:10:39:20       Report prepared by qualified analyst.

20:10:39:21       Suspended or limited testing.

20:10:39:22       Use of remote reference electrodes.

20:10:39:23       Inspection, repair, and measurement requirements.

20:10:39:24       Use of ammeters.

20:10:39:25       Pre-test documentation.

20:10:39:26       Suspension of testing due to presence of a safety hazard.

20:10:39:27       The cow contact test.

20:10:39:28       Conducting the cow contact test.

20:10:39:29       Use of a voltmeter to conduct the cow contact test.

20:10:39:30       Use of a milliammeter to conduct the cow contact test.

20:10:39:31       Metal plate requirements.

20:10:39:32       Recording the cow contact test data.

20:10:39:33       Source resistance calculation.

20:10:39:34       The 48 hour test.

20:10:39:35       Data collection for the 48 hour test.

20:10:39:36       Measurement requirements for the 48 hour test.

20:10:39:37       Recording the 48 hour test data.

20:10:39:38       Reduced recording period for the 48 hour test.

20:10:39:39       The primary profile test.

20:10:39:40       Data collection for the primary profile test.

20:10:39:41       Recording the primary profile test data.

20:10:39:42       The secondary neutral voltage drop test.

20:10:39:43       Conducting the secondary neutral voltage drop test.

20:10:39:44       Data collection for the secondary neutral voltage drop test.

20:10:39:45       Measurements used for the secondary neutral voltage drop test.

20:10:39:46       Recording the secondary neutral voltage drop test data.

20:10:39:47       The load box test.

20:10:39:48       Timing of the load box test.

20:10:39:49       Conducting the load box test.

20:10:39:50       Data collection for the load box test.

20:10:39:51       Calculating the K factor for the load box test.

20:10:39:52       Recording the load box test data.

20:10:39:53       The signature test.

20:10:39:54       Data collection for the signature test.

20:10:39:55       Recording the signature test data.

20:10:39:56       Analysis of the data collected during the tests.

20:10:39:57       Determination of any contributions to stray current or voltage for single phase dairies.

20:10:39:58       Determination of any contributions to stray current or voltage for three-phase dairies.

20:10:39:59       Written report required - Copy to the dairy producer.

20:10:39:60       Remediation.

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