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Rule 20:14:03:05 Inactive status.

          20:14:03:05.  Inactive status. An appraiser who does not wish to be actively engaged in real estate appraisal activity shall request in writing that the secretary place the appraiser's credential on inactive status. The credential and the identification card shall accompany the written request. Any appraiser whose credential has been placed on inactive status may not engage in real estate appraisal activity.


          The appraiser shall renew the inactive credential as specified in § 20:14:03:03 and pay the renewal fees as specified in § 20:14:10:02. The continuing education requirement specified in § 20:14:13:01 is not required during the period of inactive status.


          Source: 22 SDR 91, effective January 1, 1996; 23 SDR 113, effective January 12, 1997; 34 SDR 67, effective September 11, 2007; 44 SDR 27, effective August 14, 2017.

          General Authority: SDCL 36-21B-3.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 36-21B-1, 36-21B-3(19).


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