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CHAPTER 20:14:13



20:14:13:01        Continuing education requirements.

20:14:13:01.01   Continuing education not required.

20:14:13:01.02   Continuing education -- Partial requirement.

20:14:13:02        Acceptable continuing education course topics.

20:14:13:02.01   Acceptable continuing education credit for field trips.

20:14:13:03        Minimum length of continuing education course.

20:14:13:03.01   Requirement for qualifying education credit.

20:14:13:03.02   Maximum length of classroom hours of instruction.

20:14:13:04        Additional activities eligible for continuing education credit.

20:14:13:05        Sources of qualifying education credit.

20:14:13:05.01   Acceptable courses without state review.

20:14:13:05.02   Acceptable distance education courses.

20:14:13:05.03   Distance education -- Continuing education.

20:14:13:05.04   Distance education -- Qualifying education.

20:14:13:06        Term of approval.

20:14:13:07        Application for course approval.

20:14:13:08        Approval of course changes.

20:14:13:09        Repealed.

20:14:13:10        Uniform standards training for instructors.

20:14:13:10.01   Courses on the appraisal standards and ethics.

20:14:13:11        Certificate of attendance issued by course provider.

20:14:13:12        Disapproval or denial of a course.

20:14:13:13        Training course for supervisory appraisers and state-registered appraisers.

20:14:13:14        Course evaluation.

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