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CHAPTER 20:18:16



20:18:16:01        Definitions.

20:18:16:02        Types of poker authorized.

20:18:16:03        Ranking of cards in hands.

20:18:16:04        Use of joker.

20:18:16:05        Tie.

20:18:16:06        Cards.

20:18:16:07        Retail licensee to provide dealer.

20:18:16:08        Shuffle and cut of the cards.

20:18:16:09        Ante.

20:18:16:10        The deal.

20:18:16:11        The play -- Texas hold 'em.

20:18:16:11.01   The play -- Omaha.

20:18:16:11.02   The play -- Pineapple/Crazy Pineapple poker - high or high-low split.

20:18:16:11.03   The play -- Super eight poker.

20:18:16:12        The play -- Draw poker.

20:18:16:13        The play -- Five-card stud poker.

20:18:16:14        The play -- Seven-card low stud poker and seven-card high stud poker.

20:18:16:15        The play -- Seven-card high-low split stud poker.

20:18:16:15.01   The play -- Hold 'em eighty-eight.

20:18:16:15.02   The play -- Three-card poker.

20:18:16:15.03   The play -- Let it ride and let it ride bonus including three card optional side bet or progressive optional side bet.

20:18:16:15.04   The play -- Phil 'em up poker.

20:18:16:15.05   The play -- Caribbean stud poker.

20:18:16:15.06   The play -- Bonus 6 poker.

20:18:16:15.07   The play -- Twisted Pineapple poker.

20:18:16:15.08   The play -- Texas Shootout poker, a variation of Texas Hold 'em poker.

20:18:16:15.09   The play -- Silverado Stud poker.

20:18:16:15.10   The play -- Four-Card poker.

20:18:16:15.11   The play -- Hold 'em 212 poker.

20:18:16:15.12   The play -- Texas Hold 'em Bonus poker.

20:18:16:15.13   The play -- Heads Up Poker Challenge.

20:18:16:15.14   The play -- Mississippi Stud with optional three card bonus.

20:18:16:15.15   The play -- Ultimate Texas Hold'em.

20:18:16:15.16   The play -- Pai Gow poker.

20:18:16:15.17   Variations of the play -- Casino War.

20:18:16:15.18   The play -- Fortune Pai Gow poker.

20:18:16:15.19   The play -- Flushes Gone Wild.

20:18:16:15.20   The play -- Hot Poker Spot.

20:18:16:15.21   The play -- High Card Flush.

20:18:16:15.22   The play -- Cover All Bonus.

20:18:16:16        Rake offs.

20:18:16:17        Operation of the game.

20:18:16:18        Repealed.

20:18:16:19        Dealing.

20:18:16:19.01   Exposed final card in seven-card stud poker.

20:18:16:20        Misdeal.

20:18:16:21        Table stakes.

20:18:16:22        Bypassed betting.

20:18:16:22.01   Burn card procedure.

20:18:16:23        Burned cards.

20:18:16:24        Folding.

20:18:16:25        Call or raise.

20:18:16:26        Conceded hand.

20:18:16:27        Procedure for calls.

20:18:16:28        Apparent call.

20:18:16:29        Fouled hand -- Short hands.

20:18:16:30        Showdown.

20:18:16:31        Review of hands.

20:18:16:31.01   Exposing hand.

20:18:16:32        Award of pot.

20:18:16:32.01   Bad beat pots and pool pots.

20:18:16:33        Odd chips in ties.

20:18:16:34        Use of defective deck.

20:18:16:35        Faced card.

20:18:16:36        Time limit.

20:18:16:37        Posting of rules.

20:18:16:38        House game rules.

20:18:16:39        Player rules.

20:18:16:40        Maximum number of players.

20:18:16:41        Proposals for variations.

20:18:16:42        Changing dealers at poker tables.

20:18:16:43        Procedure for accepting cash at poker tables.

20:18:16:44        Drop and count procedures.

20:18:16:44.01   Drop box requirements.

20:18:16:45        Shill procedures.

20:18:16:45.01   Restrictions on use of shills and proposition players.

20:18:16:46        Repealed.

20:18:16:46.01   Use of lammers.

20:18:16:46.02   Poker podium procedures.

20:18:16:47        Repealed.

20:18:16:48        Statistics.

          Declaratory Ruling:

          The table game known as Casino War meets the definition of poker pursuant to SDCL 42-7B-4(18) and is an authorized variation of the game of poker pursuant to that statute and that the game may be played in Deadwood provided that a licensee requests approval of the rules for the play of the game and that the rules are legally promulgated and adopted. South Dakota Commission on Gaming Declaratory Ruling dated April 6, 2006.

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