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Rule 20:38:32:01 Examination required.

          20:38:32:01.  Examination required. Examination is required in accordance with the provisions of this chapter.


          All applicants for admission to examination shall pay the required fee to the appropriate organization or vendor prior to admission to the examination.


          Examination vendors may be used to administer examinations. Policies and procedures of the examination vendor shall be followed in accordance with the vendor's agreement with the board. Examination results will be reported as either pass or fail, will be treated as confidential and will be transmitted only by U.S. mail to the examinee at the examinee's last known address.


          Cheating or other violation of examination security provisions will result in automatic failure of the examination. No person may review any portion of any examination.


          All applicants shall pass a take-home examination on South Dakota licensure laws prior to licensure.


          An examinee seeking an accommodation for a disability shall make a request of the examination vendor with sufficient notice to enable arrangements for the accommodation.


          Source: 26 SDR 9, effective July 29, 1999; 30 SDR 204, effective June 24, 2004; transferred from § 20:38:17:01, 38 SDR 121, effective January 16, 2012.

          General Authority: SDCL 36-18A-22(3).

          Law Implemented: SDCL 36-18A-25 to 36-18A-31, inclusive, 36-18A-33.


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