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Rule 20:38:37:03 Construction administration services.

          20:38:37:03.  Construction administration services. Construction administration services shall be provided by a licensee practicing within the licensee's profession and comprise the following minimum services:


          (1)  Visiting the construction site on a regular basis as is necessary to determine that the work is proceeding generally in accordance with the contract documents and technical submissions;


          (2)  Processing shop drawings, samples, and other submittals required of the contractor by the terms of construction contract documents to assure general accordance with the plans and specifications; and


          (3)  Notifying the owner, the client, the board, and the building official of any observed and uncorrected code violations; changes that affect code compliance; the use of any materials, assemblies, components, or equipment prohibited by a code; major or substantial changes between such technical submissions and the work in progress; or any deviation from the technical submissions that the design professional identifies as constituting a hazard to the public, which is observed in the course of performing the professional's construction administration duties.


          The project's architect or professional engineer shall report to the board and the building official if neither one is engaged to provide construction administration services.


          Source: 26 SDR 9, effective July 29, 1999; 29 SDR 95, effective January 6, 2003; transferred from § 20:38:21:02, 38 SDR 121, effective January 16, 2012.

          General Authority: SDCL 36-18A-22(6).

          Law Implemented: SDCL 36-18A-1(9), 36-18A-46.


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