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          20:42:04:05.01.  Infection control and safety procedures. The following procedures must be used for infection control and safety:


          (1)  All fluids, semifluids, creams, and powders must be kept in clean, closed, and properly labeled containers and dispensed with a disinfected spatula, shaker, pump, or spray dispenser;


          (2)  Electrical equipment must be cleaned and disinfected;


          (3)  Clean and disinfected electrical equipment must be stored in a separate, clean place such as a hook or stand. When a bucket is used, it must be disinfected with a wipe or spray daily;


          (4)  Clean and disinfected nonelectrical implements must be stored in a separate, clean, closed container;


          (5)  Disinfectants must be available in the working area for immediate use at all times;


          (6)  Single-use articles, such as emery boards, cosmetic sponges, and orangewood sticks, must be disposed of immediately after use in a closed waste container;


          (7)  Multi-use articles must be thoroughly washed in soap and hot water, rinsed with clean warm water, and completely immersed in a commission-approved disinfectant of proper strength and for the necessary time period according to manufacturer instructions. Contact points of all non-immersable equipment and metal implements must be disinfected by wiping or spraying with a commission-approved disinfectant. After being disinfected the multi-use articles must be stored in clean, closed containers between use. Any multi-use article, tool, or product which cannot be cleaned and disinfected is prohibited;


          (8)  If a blood exposure should occur involving a client or licensee, the following steps must be followed:


               (a)  Client is bleeding: Stop service; put gloves on; if appropriate, assist client to sink and rinse the injured area under running water; pat dry with a new, clean, disposable towel; offer or apply antiseptic and adhesive bandage; place all single use items in a bag and place in a trash receptacle; remove all implements from station and properly clean and disinfect; clean and disinfect work area; remove and dispose of gloves; wash hands; return to service;


               (b)  Licensee is bleeding: Stop service; explain the situation and excuse yourself from the service; if appropriate, rinse injured area under running water; pat dry with a new, clean, disposable towel; apply antiseptic and adhesive bandage; put gloves on; place all single use items in a bag and place in a trash receptacle; remove all implements from the work area and properly clean and disinfect; clean and disinfect work area; remove and dispose of gloves; wash hands; if necessary cover injured area with a protective finger cot or new glove; return to service;


          (9)  All waste must be removed from the salon or booth at least daily or as needed so a container is not overflowing;


          (10)  The floors in a work area must be made free of hair and other debris after each client;


          (11)  For esthetics the headrest of chairs and treatment tables must be covered with a clean sheet of examination paper or linen for each client;


          (12)  Only commercially-available products for the exfoliation of skin for the purpose of beautification may be used. Mixing or combining skin removal products is prohibited except as it is required by manufacturer;


          (13)  Sanding bands used on electric file mandrels are for single use purposes and must be discarded after each use. Metal bits for electric files shall be properly disinfected after each client and stored in a clean, closed container until use;


          (14)  All nail files are single use items unless made of metal, glass, or crystal. Ceramic nail files are single use items unless completely sealed by a glaze;


          (15)  When using any microdermabrasion machine:


               (a)  Any crystals used in a microdermabrasion machine may not be recycled or reused. Crystals or approved corundum are for single use purposes and must be discarded after each use;


               (b)  Tips must be disinfected after each client and disposed of if any wear is shown; and


               (c)  The exterior must be kept clean of crystal dust, and the filters changed as necessary;


          (16)  Pedicure foot-spa stations must be cleaned and disinfected:


               (a)  At the end of each client service:


                      (i)  Drain all water and remove all debris from the spa basin;

                      (ii)  Clean the spa basin with soap or detergent and water;

                      (iii)  Disinfect the spa basin with a disinfectant; and

                      (iv)  Wipe the spa basin with a clean towel until dry;


               (b)  At the end of each day, clean and disinfect each whirlpool foot spa basin in the following manner:


                      (i)  Remove the screen, and clean all debris trapped behind the screen;

                      (ii)  Wash the screen with soap or detergent and water;

                      (iii)  Immerse the screen completely in disinfectant;

                      (iv)  Flush the spa system with low sudsing soap and warm water for 10 minutes or more; and

                      (v)  Rinse and drain the spa;


               (c)  At least once a week after being cleaned and disinfected, each whirlpool foot spa must be cleaned and disinfected in the following manner:


                      (i)  Fill the spa basin completely with water and add one teaspoon of 5.25 percent bleach (or recommended whirlpool disinfectant) for each gallon of water. Use according to the manufacturer's instructions;

                      (ii)  Flush the spa or bath system with bleach (or recommended whirlpool disinfectant) and water solution for 5 to 10 minutes;

                      (iii)  Soak for 6 to 10 hours; and

                      (iv)  Drain and flush the spa with water before use for a client;


          (17)  Waxing services: Equipment used for waxing hair removal services must be kept clean and disinfected at all times:


               (a)  A clean spatula must be used each time any wax is distributed to the client;


               (b)  Wax pots must be kept covered and the exterior cleaned daily;


               (c)  If debris is found in the wax pot, or if the wax has been contaminated by contact with skin, unclean applicators, or double-dipping, the wax pot must be emptied, the wax discarded, and the pot must be disinfected;


               (d)  Each end of a disposable spatula or wooden stick may be dipped in the wax only once and then discarded;


               (e)  Applicators may be dipped only once into the wax unless the wax is a single-service item and unused wax is discarded after each service;


               (f)  Any surface touched by a used wax stick must be disinfected immediately after the service;


               (g)  Paraffin warmers must be kept covered, the exterior cleaned daily, and the wax must be debris free; and


               (h)  Paraffin wax removed from a client's skin must not be reused and must be discarded. The client's hands and feet must be washed in soap and water before being immersed in a paraffin wax warmer unit;


          (18) Chemical exfoliation in salons or booths must comply with the following practices:


               (a)  Salons or booths, within the scope of their practice, may use chemicals or products, natural or synthetic, which act on or affect the epidermis layer of the skin;


               (b)  All exfoliant products or formulations shall be used in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations;


               (c)  Cosmetic-use alpha hydroxy acid (AHA glycolic and lactic acids) exfoliation preparations that do not exceed a 35 percent concentration with a pH value not lower than pH 3.0 may be used;


               (d)  Jessner's solutions of 14 percent salicylic acid, lactic acid, and 2 percent resorcinol may be used;


               (e)  Trichloroacetic acid (TCA) with levels less than 20 percent may be used;


               (f)  Twenty percent beta hydroxy acid (BHA) which includes salicylic acid with a pH of 3.0 or higher may be used; and


               (g)  A licensee may not apply any exfoliating acid to a client's skin that has undergone microdermabrasion within the previous seven days.


          Source: 23 SDR 25, effective August 26, 1996; 24 SDR 2, effective July 23, 1997; 26 SDR 18, effective August 15, 1999; 28 SDR 24, effective August 24, 2001; 29 SDR 176, effective July 1, 2003; 31 SDR 62, effective November 4, 2004; 32 SDR 32, effective August 29, 2005; 39 SDR 129, effective January 28, 2013; 43 SDR 176, effective July 3, 2017.

          General Authority: SDCL 36-15-13(5)

          Law Implemented: SDCL 36-15-13(5).


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