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          20:44:14:01.  General definitions. Terms defined in SDCL 36-16-2 have the same meaning when used in this article. In addition, terms used in this article mean:


          (1)  "Commission," the State Electrical Commission;


          (2)  "Inspector's report procedure," a procedure that requires the installer to notify the inspector regarding the status of the corrections required, as listed on an inspector's report by the day specified;


          (3)  "Correction order," a notice written by an inspector to the person responsible for the electrical installation, listing the violations of this article and stating the time allowed for correction;


          (4)  "Electrical lineman," a person with a minimum of four years of experience with electrical power distribution systems;


          (5)  "Electrical school," as referred to in SDCL 36-16-2(4), a four-year educational institution which grants an electrical engineering degree (BSEE) and which is accredited by a nationally recognized accreditation agency;


          (6)  "Electrical wiring apprenticeship program," a classroom program supplemented by a minimum of 144 hours a year of electrical wiring instruction in conjunction with the normal 2,000 hours a year of actual electrical wiring on-the-job work experience of an apprentice electrician;


          (7)  "Final void," the act of closing out a non-compliant installation prior to the full inspection being completed;


          (8)  "License," a license issued to a person who qualifies under one of the classes defined in SDCL 36-16-2 or is granted reciprocity from another state;


          (9)  "Local inspection system," a municipal government or power supplier that has complied with commission requirements and which provides local electrical inspections under the rules and direction of the commission and SDCL chapter 36-16;


          (10)  "Modular home" or "modular structure," a home or other structure built on a factory assembly line or other construction site to International Building Code specifications and transported to its destination in sections or as a complete assembly, which has no permanent steel chassis attached and is not a manufactured home as defined in SDCL 32-7A-1 or a recreational vehicle;


          (11)  "National Electrical Code," the National Electrical Code, published by the National Fire Protection Association (2017 edition) with the following exceptions:


               (a)  Article 100 – definitions - remove the new word "machinery" from the definition of "equipment";

               (b)  Eliminate GFCI and AFCI requirement for life support equipment and like/similar equipment as determined by Authority Having Jurisdiction;

               (c)  Clarify section 334.10. Uses permitted. Type NM, Type NMC, and Type NMS cables may be used in the following structures:


                      (i)    One- and two family dwellings and accessory structures;


                      (ii)   Multifamily dwellings, farmsteads, and accessory structures of Types III, IV, and V construction except as prohibited in 334.12; and


                      (iii)  Other structures permitted to be of Types III, IV, and V construction except as prohibited in 334.12. Cables shall be concealed within walls, floors, or ceiling that provide a thermal barrier of material that has at least a 15-minute thermal finish rating as identified in listing of fire-rated assemblies;


          (12)  "Owner's exemption," an exemption from licensure requirements in SDCL 36-16-13 for an individual owner who is personally installing electric wiring and fixtures in a residence or farmstead which is owned and resided in or on by the person installing the electrical wiring or fixtures;


          (13)  "Point of service attachment," as referred to in SDCL 36-16-16(1), that point where the power supplier's conductors connect to the consumer's conductors;


          (14)  "Wiring permit," a form notifying the commission that a described electrical installation will be made in accordance with the requirements of this article at a described location;


          (15)  "Wiring permit--Form B," a wiring permit to be used in an area where the commission has approved local inspection systems;


          (16)  "Wiring school," a postsecondary school that teaches one or more courses in electrical wiring which covers the topics listed in § 20:44:16:12 and includes at least 576 hours of instruction on those topics.


          Source: SL 1975, ch 16, § 1; 4 SDR 37, effective January 1, 1978; 5 SDR 1, effective July 20, 1978; 7 SDR 60, effective January 1, 1981; 10 SDR 62, effective January 1, 1984; 10 SDR 131, effective June 3, 1984; 12 SDR 92, effective January 1, 1986; 12 SDR 151, 12 SDR 155, effective July 1, 1986; 13 SDR 75, 13 SDR 95, effective January 1, 1987; 16 SDR 153, effective March 29, 1990; 19 SDR 155, effective April 14, 1993; 20 SDR 222, effective July 6, 1994; transferred from § 20:44:01:01, August 12, 1994; 23 SDR 2, effective July 16, 1996; 25 SDR 157, effective July 1, 1999; 28 SDR 83, effective December 19, 2001; 28 SDR 178, effective July 1, 2002; 32 SDR 37, effective September 1, 2005; 34 SDR 322, effective July 1, 2008; 35 SDR 305, effective July 1, 2009; 37 SDR 236, effective June 29, 2011; 40 SDR 198, effective May 28, 2014; 43 SDR 181, effective July 10, 2017.

          General Authority: SDCL 36-16-12.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 36-16-12.


          References: The National Electrical Code, 2017 Edition. National Fire Protection Association, Inc., One Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02169-7471. Cost: $98. (Price subject to change).


          International Building Code, 2015 Edition, pages numbered numerically, International Code Council. Copies may be obtained from the International Code Council, Inc., 4051 West Flossmoor Road, Country Club Hills, IL 60478-5771. Cost: $104.25. Available at no cost at https://codes.iccsafe.org/public/document/toc/542.


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