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Rule 20:49:15:02 Unprofessional conduct.

          20:49:15:02.  Unprofessional conduct. Unprofessional conduct includes but is not limited to the following:


          (1)  Failure to exercise technical competence in carrying out nursing facility administration;


          (2)  Failure to follow or enforce policies or procedures necessary to assure patient or resident welfare and safety;


          (3)  Failure to safeguard the patient's or resident's dignity and right to privacy;


          (4)  Violating the confidentiality of information or knowledge concerning the patient or resident;


          (5)  Mental, verbal, or physical abuse of a patient or resident;


          (6)  Using alcohol or other drugs to the extent that there is significant interference with job performance;


          (7)  Misuse of drug supplies, narcotics, or a patient's or resident's records;


          (8)  Falsifying a patient's or resident's records or intentionally charting incorrectly;


          (9)  Appropriating medications, supplies, or personal items of the patient or resident or agency;


          (10)  Forging a prescription or making a drug available to self, friends, or family members;


          (11)  Falsifying records submitted to the board, to the state department of health, or to any other government agency;


          (12)  Delegating nursing facility administrator care, functions, tasks, or responsibilities to others contrary to SDCL chapter 36-28 or to the detriment of patient or  resident safety;


          (13)  Failure to exercise appropriate supervision over persons who are authorized to practice only under the supervision of a licensed professional;


          (14)  Leaving a nursing facility administrator assignment or post without notifying a substitute;


          (15)  Assisting any other person to violate or circumvent any provision of SDCL chapter 36‑28 or this article;


          (16)  Permitting an unlicensed person to use a nursing facility administrator license or permit for any purpose; and


          (17)  Having a license or certificate in a related health care discipline in the state of South Dakota or in another state denied, refused renewal, revoked, or suspended due to unprofessional conduct as defined in items 1 to 16, inclusive, of this rule.


          Source: 8 SDR 24, effective September 16, 1981; 12 SDR 151, 12 SDR 155, effective July 1, 1986; SL 2014, ch 186, § 53, effective July 1, 2014.

          General Authority: SDCL 36-28-4.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 36-28-17, 36-28-22.


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