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CHAPTER 20:51:05



20:51:05:00        Definitions.

20:51:05:01        Transferred.

20:51:05:02        Transferred.

20:51:05:03        Repealed.

20:51:05:04        Repealed.

20:51:05:05        Repealed.

20:51:05:06        Transferred.

20:51:05:07        Transferred.

20:51:05:08        Repealed.

20:51:05:09        Repealed.

20:51:05:10        Repealed.

20:51:05:11        Repealed.

20:51:05:12        Repealed.

20:51:05:13        Repealed.

20:51:05:14        No advertising permitted on prescription blanks furnished to doctors.

20:51:05:15        Controlled drug to be dispensed only by prescription.

20:51:05:16        Prescription for Schedule II controlled drug requires date and signature of prescriber -- Not refillable.

20:51:05:17        Oral prescription permitted for Schedule II controlled drug in emergency.

20:51:05:18        Partial filling of prescription for Schedule II controlled drug.

20:51:05:19        Prescription required to dispense Schedule III or IV controlled drug -- Refill restricted.

20:51:05:20        Legend drug to be dispensed by prescription only -- Refill restricted.

20:51:05:21        Labeling of prescription container for controlled or noncontrolled legend drug.

20:51:05:22        Distribution of drugs to other practitioners.

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