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Rule 20:76:01:06 Required training.

          20:76:01:06.  Required training. An applicant for licensure as a massage therapist shall provide an education verification form completed by the school and official transcripts evidencing that the applicant has completed the required classroom training. The board may consider other evidence of training if the school has ceased operations. The required training is as follows:


          (1)  One hundred twenty-five hours of training in the body's systems and anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology;

          (2)  Two hundred hours of training in massage and bodywork assessment, theory, and application;

          (3)  Forty hours of training in pathology;

          (4)  Ten hours total of training in business and ethics, with a minimum of six hours in ethics; and

          (5)  One hundred twenty-five hours of additional training in an area or related field that theoretically completes a massage program of study.


          Fifty minutes of supervised classroom instruction is equal to one hour of training.


          Source: 34 SDR 332, effective July 9, 2008; 37 SDR 29, effective August 30, 2010.

          General Authority: SDCL 36-35-12(4), 36-35-24(2).

          Law Implemented: SDCL 36-35-12.


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