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          20:79:04:02.  Responsibilities outside the scope for speech-language pathology assistants. A speech-language pathology assistant may not:


          (1)  Perform any activity that violates ยง 20:79:06:04;


          (2)  Represent himself or herself as a speech-language pathologist;


          (3)  Administer or perform any standardized or nonstandardized diagnostic tests, formal or informal evaluations, swallow screenings checklist, or clinical interpretation of screening or test results;


          (4)  Perform procedures that require a high level of clinical acumen and technical skill, vocal tract prosthesis shaping or fitting, vocal tract imaging and oral pharyngeal swallow therapy with bolus material;


          (5)  Tabulate or interpret results and observations of feeding and swallowing evaluations performed by speech-language pathologists;


          (6)  Participate in parent conferences, case conferences, or any interdisciplinary team without the presence of the supervising speech-language pathologist or a designated licensed speech-language pathologist;


          (7)  Develop or modify a patient or client's individualized treatment plan in any way;


          (8)  Provide client or patient counseling;


          (9)  Provide interpretative information to the client, family, or others regarding the client status or service;


          (10)  Sign any formal document such as treatment plans or reimbursement plans without co-signature of supervising speech-language pathologist;


          (11)  Assist with clients without following the individualized treatment plan prepared by the speech-language pathologist or without access to supervision;


          (12)  Select clients for services;


          (13)  Discharge clients from services;


          (14)  Make referrals for additional services;


          (15)  Develop or determine the swallowing strategies or precautions for clients, family, or staff;


          (16)  Treat medically fragile clients independently; and


          (17)  Design or select augmentative and alternative communication systems or devices.


          Source: 39 SDR 220, effective June 27, 2013.

          General Authority: SDCL 36-37-12.

          Law Implemented: SDCL 36-37-12, 36-37-18.


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