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CHAPTER 24:05:27



24:05:27:01        Repealed.

24:05:27:01.01   IEP team.

24:05:27:01.02   Development, review, and revision of individualized education program.

24:05:27:01.03   Content of individualized education program.

24:05:27:01.04   Access to IEP.

24:05:27:01.05   IEP team attendance.

24:05:27:01.06   Initial IEP team meeting for infants and toddlers.

24:05:27:02        IEP team meeting date.

24:05:27:03        IEP team to determine related services.

24:05:27:04        Determination of related services.

24:05:27:04.01   Parental consent for services.

24:05:27:04.02   Parental refusal to consent -- School district obligations.

24:05:27:04.03   Parental withdrawal of consent for services.

24:05:27:05        Hearing aid.

24:05:27:05.01   External components of surgically implanted medical devices.

24:05:27:06        Medical services.

24:05:27:07        Transportation.

24:05:27:08        Yearly review and revision of individual educational programs.

24:05:27:08.01   Agreement to change IEP.

24:05:27:08.02   Amendments to IEP.

24:05:27:08.03   Consolidation of IEP team meetings.

24:05:27:08.04   Alternative means of meeting participation.

24:05:27:09        Repealed.

24:05:27:10        Individual educational programs for students placed in private schools.

24:05:27:11        Repealed.

24:05:27:12        Graduation requirements.

24:05:27:13        Repealed.

24:05:27:13.01   Agency responsibilities for transition services.

24:05:27:13.02   Transition services.

24:05:27:14        Repealed.

24:05:27:15        Repealed.

24:05:27:15.01   IEPs for student transfers within state.

24:05:27:15.02   IEPs for student transfers from another state.

24:05:27:15.03   Transmittal of records for student transfers.

24:05:27:16        Related services provided at no cost.

24:05:27:16.01   Rehabilitation counseling services.

24:05:27:16.02   Services applicable to surgically implanted device.

24:05:27:17        Employment of Braille teacher.

24:05:27:18        Assistive technology device.

24:05:27:19        Assistive technology service.

24:05:27:19.01   Universal design.

24:05:27:20        Availability of assistive technology.

24:05:27:21        Transition to preschool program.

24:05:27:22        Occupational therapy defined.

24:05:27:23        Criteria for occupational therapy.

24:05:27:24        Physical therapy defined.

24:05:27:25        Criteria for physical therapy.

24:05:27:26        Incarcerated students in adult prisons.

24:05:27:27        Modifications to IEPs for students in adult prisons.

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