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CHAPTER 41:09:07






41:09:07:01        Repealed.

41:09:07:02        Hatchery license types and fees.

41:09:07:03        Repealed.

41:09:07:03.01   Repealed.

41:09:07:03.02   License approval criteria.

41:09:07:04        Bill of sale or other written authorization required -- Exceptions.

41:09:07:05        Records required.

41:09:07:06        Repealed.

41:09:07:06.01   Hatchery licenses available for inspection.

41:09:07:06.02   Hatchery license in possession while transporting live fish or fish reproductive products.

41:09:07:06.03   Inspection by department representative.

41:09:07:06.04   Fish health inspection required.

41:09:07:07        Conviction for violation is cause for revocation and non-renewal of hatchery license.


          Cross-Reference: Raising of fish deemed to be a "farming operation," SDCL 41-1-7.



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